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AI predictions 2019 – top priorities you cannot ignore

PWC report says “Artificial intelligence will add up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030”. Here is how you can take advantage of the budding technology, by knowing its trends for the upcoming year –

A pragmatic sense of Artificial Intelligence

In 2019, companies will have a better understanding of the technology- its challenges and embrace the idea of- ‘no pain means no AI gain’. They will focus their attention on data foundations and take a creative approach to create and holding on to AI talent- weaving intelligence into their business processes

AI-powered governance models for organizations

Companies will feel the pressure to scale AI initiatives to enhance decision-making and advanced intelligence for employees across all departments and function as per PWC reports. The AI-backed governance model will enable businesses to develop use cases that create swift wins, meanwhile offering reusable tools for other AI projects to build on.

Trust in AI

In order to establish trust in AI, companies must assign accountability for AI bias, robustness, interpretability, governance, security and system ethics etc.

Prioritizing labelling and integrating data to train AI

Business will focus more on labelling, standardizing, integrating data to train AI in order to allow AI to determine patterns and give invaluable insights in to the future. This will eventually lead to better decision making and managing risks etc.

Businesses will combine AI with analytics, IoT and implement DevOps for smooth operations

Integrating Artificial Intelligence with other disruptive technologies like blockchain, IoT, analytics and quantum computing will enhance its power. Companies will implement DevOps to manage this junction by uniting employees to keep a project moving smoothly.

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