5 Excellent User Experience (UX) Tips

Building websites with great user experience (UX) by enhanced usability, accessibility and efficiency is the way to enhance user satisfaction with your interface. UX being closely tied to conversation rate, user experience is only one of the reason why you need to do better. We bring you excellent UX tips to deliver an engaging user experience to your customers –

  • FLOW

Make the website flow effortlessly, i.e. move the users’ seamlessly from one section to another by understanding your user personas’ needs and objectives. Consistent and easy to use web interfaces aid users to focus on content and move through it. Take note that users are more likely to notice items on top of the page- therefore arrange them according to their importance.


Ideally, a website must load in 3-4 seconds. Perception is important, thus your website must feel fast- which is dependent on waiting time, load behaviour and smoothness of animation. Your website text must load before images so they can start reading before the rest loads. Even 2-second delays lead to a huge percentage of site-abandonment.


Ensure your design is appropriate even for the colour-blind- convert your design to greyscale so all users can read important stuff. Other than colour be aware of the contrast on mobile sites- the screen glare can render your website unusable. Note that warm and bright colours pop, while cold and dark stay in the background.


User will only scroll down if it’s clear that more relevant info is below. Thus, your website must always offer a strong visual suggestion of the direction of scrolling and whether more info is available. The longer the page, the more hesitant is the user to scroll down to the bottom.


Most users scan first and read later so use visual variety and highlight important data to make scanning easier. Choose the font based on readability, legibility, weights, styles. As users are reluctant to use ‘help’ section make sure you cover help in context.

Give enough breathing space to give it a clean look and improve comprehension. Do not use all-caps or italics on headlines and taglines as it makes it harder to read.

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