Top reasons to migrate your business to Microsoft Azure – #2

Reasons to move your on-premise solution to the Cloud- continued.

4. Your data will be safe

 With all the breaches happening nowadays, datacenter security is a serious concern. Microsoft goes an extra mile to ensure data security; not only does Azure uses industry-standard protocols to encrypt data in transit, but it has more than 70 compliance offerings. This also means that your data is secure a) white it moves within datacenters b) moves between devices and MS datacenters c) when it’s at rest in Azure storage etc.

5. Ready to fight back in case of a disaster

What would your business do in case of cyber-attack, a fire or an electrical storm? 1 in 3 organizations does not have a disaster recovery plan. One benefit of choosing Azure for disaster recovery is the sheer size of Microsoft’s global cloud platform. Azure Site Recovery will protect most workloads running on a virtual machine or physical server, without costing you a fortune. You’ll only have to pay for compute and storage resources needed to run your apps in Azure during any outages. All your files, folders, applications, virtual machines and workloads are backed up to Azure, while the Azure Site Recovery provides a backup site for your servers and workloads.

6. Experts at your beck and call

Attention to infrastructure details gets ignored while you are focusing on more important things. Intelegain’s team of Cloud experts are therefore at your service to do this for you. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment experts will identify which applications are good candidates for migration, take the risk out of complex migrations and find the best Cloud Service Models for you.

Above and beyond, we’ve helped many of the biggest brands transform their business, reduce costs, streamline processes with cloud computing. We’ll do the same for you.


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