Top reasons to migrate your business to Microsoft Azure – #1

Many businesses fear moving to Cloud due to worries overs lost expenditure on on-premise solution, network security, downtime and availability etc. But don’t let your hesitation of adopting a new technology keep you behind, cause as Gartner suggests, transitioning to the cloud is inevitable for today’s businesses.

Enter Microsoft Azure, the industry leader’s solution for going to a partially or totally cloud-based architecture; also the answer to all your cloud fears. Here is why.

1. Hanging on to on-premise datacenter will cost you dearly

What would you do if your server crashed or your business faced a natural disaster? Would you recover- almost 40% of SMBs don’t. Most on-premise servers have to be renewed every 5 years and require a hefty investment. Migrating to the cloud will move you from CAPEX to OPEX; the software renewals will be handled by the provider, who will also solve all your technical issues.

2. The Familiarity with Microsoft Product

Most offices till date use MS applications like Office 365, Outlook and Exchange. The familiarity of the interface will make it easier to work on. If the developers are used to working on MS .NET programming language, it will be easier for them to deploy an application on Azure.

Azure being a real Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), will let them create, test and deploy solutions, apps in the cloud and mobiles.

3. Hybrid Cloud is a thing

You don’t have to send all your data to Cloud because we can go Hybrid. With this, you can use your on-site server to run your applications on Azure. You can even set your compute resources to tap into cloud resources whenever you want.

Want more reasons to move to Azure? Here are they.

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