Top five unicorns to watch out in 2019

Here are the topmost billion dollar companies that will most likely to perform IPOs this year –

  • UBER

Its current private valuation is $72 billion, following its most recent $500 million round from Toyota. Capital raised: $24.2 billion in debt and equity. Plus, it has been told by banks that it could be a $120 billion company when it goes public. Though, investors will be the ones who decide. “At a $120 billion, Uber would be valued at more than double the average of companies in the Nasdaq 100 Index on a price-to-2018 sales basis” writes Bloomberg.


Its current private valuation is $12.35 billion after its last primary round.  It has raised an eye-watering $1.5 billion in equity and its target IPO date range is mid-2019. With $473 million reported revenue in 2017 and increased tremendously in 2018- Pinterest will go into its IPO with something close 1 billion in trailing revenue.


Called as the “Netflix of fitness”, it has raised approx. $1 billion in capital funding in last six years since its establishment. It most recently raised $550 million at a $4 billion valuation. This tech-enabled exercise equipment manufacturer is more than doubling its size every year. Though it hasn’t announced any public IPO plans yet, creator John Foley commented that 2019 made sense for its stock market debut.


Cybersecurity company Cloudflare is likely to move to public markets in the first half of 2019 (which is poised to be a strong year for IPO in the security industry). It is said to be preparing for an IPO at a potential valuation of more than $3.5 billion after last raising capital in 2015 at a $1.8 billion valuation. It has also raised just more than $250 million in VC funding

  • LYFT

Its current private valuation is at $15.1 billion after its last $600 million Series I in June 2018. Raising $4.9 billion in equity, Lyft’s target IPO date range is in early-2019. Its Lyft’s potential $15 billion IPO valuation gives the business much to prove before its public debut and the company reported an H1’18 revenue of $909 million, with year-over-year growth of 120.6 percent.

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