Top marketing trends to budget for in 2019

While we approach the holiday season, we look at the success of the past year and the failure. Thus, it’s important to look ahead and see what the marketing industry has in store for us to seek out new opportunities and stay ahead in the competition. Here we bring you biggest marketing trends to budget for in 2019.

Respecting consumer privacy vs making revenue

GDPR is here. Businesses world over are already renewing their policies, adding WordPress plugins to notify people about cookies. The question in everyone’s mind is- how will marketers help us find what we want while maintaining the privacy we want? What amount of privacy are we willing to give up so that we can buy the things we need?  It is not understandable to many yet that they might have to sacrifice some of their privacy for companies to be more efficient and profitable, for things to be affordable to them.

Content will be the core of marketing

Content marketing has become marketing. It has become core to everything your marketing team does, so you unconditionally have to budget for it. If you don’t then you need a content marketing strategy. Pay attention to the sales trends and make sure your content plays a role in achieving them.

Chatbots will go beyond customer service

Chatbots can help meet your audience where they are and inform your marketing strategy with insights directly from them at the same time. 73% of marketers already use their website analytics to research their audience, but unfortunately, only 43% use actual chats- that’s some missed opportunity marketers may want to look into.

Increasing popularity of alternative search platforms

Google recently announced to make visual content more useful in search. Plus, with voice search becoming more popular, marketers need to be prepared for the rise of alternative search platforms. Statistics say “More than half of marketers increased their use of image-based content, and more than one-third increased audio-only content” – this means if you creating different types of content, you have to think how your audience will find them.

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