Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?

Job seeking, regardless of being free or premium account is difficult. LinkedIn being a primarily social platform than a job seeking portal might be the reason this is so.

Therefore, for Job seekers, one of the LinkedIn Premium features that are useful is the ‘Feature Applicant’, which means that when you apply for a job position on LinkedIn, you can be placed at the top of the applicant list, making you stand out. Although, spending this much amount of money for job seeking may not be worth it.

On the other hand, LinkedIn premium account for learning and building a high-quality network is definitely a WORTH IT.

Many Premium account subscribers do so for online courses that the platform offers- because it provides really valuable and career-specific knowledge that you will not get elsewhere. It definitely helps make you a better professional no matter the industry you work in.

The features offered in LinkedIn Premium are much more useful for creating a high-quality network with InMail (lets you send messages directly to people that are out of your network without the need for connecting with them), Open Profile (keeps your profile open to people outside your network) and Profile Views, as well as gaining extra knowledge with LinkedIn Learning.

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