Artificial Intelligence

Why AI cannot takeover humans

There has been a lot of uproar in the media regarding AI overtaking human jobs and creating gross imbalance regarding employment. Much of it though, is due to ignorance.

There is no denying AI does pose a threat, but humans are equipped enough to scale the obstacles. Like with the introduction of computers and automation (that created sensationalist fear of increased unemployment), disruptive technologies like AI and Blockchain has caused the same amount of hubbub.

The problem with disruptive technologies is not the technology itself or its potential. The pain point rests at on one factor – education.

Do institutions today sincerely show the potential of AI? If AI can beat you at something you are training yourself for 4 years, are you setting yourself for a dim future?

The answer? A resounding NO. AI is capable of great things, but it is not capable of original thought. It can refurbish old stories to make a new one, but it cannot create a fresh and original story from raw. So, may be the monotonous can be left to AI, while you create something unique and original.

An AI robot maybe capable of performing surgery with precision and pinpoint accuracy, but no patient wants to be reassured by a robot while on a sick bed. Humans will always respond to humans. Same with AI invading humans- it cannot have a vision or goals of its own, except for someone who designs it that way.

In short, AI cannot lead or govern- it can work with harmony with people, but cannot make humans subservient to them. What this means is that it’s not the AI invasion, but a job revolution you should be preparing for.

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